Camelia of Cairo

Camelia is a native Egyptian, she started her career a folklore dancer as part of several folklore troupes, her desire and calling to become a soloist led her to start her Oriental Dance career becoming on of the most famous dance stars in Egypt.

Camelia is the main teacher at the Nile Group Festival in Egypt and was with them from the first year they started.

She is currently working at many five star hotels in Cairo. With deep knowledge of Oriental dance, body coordination and culture understanding, Camelia fully understands the student needs and how to fulfill this need, her teaching is thorough with extreme attention to details, she brings the student to “the how to” with an ease. A true entertainer Camelia’s dancing is super energetic, her Shaabi dance will transport you as if you were with the people of Cairo no matter where you are. Camelia is well known for authentic khaliji style dancing in all its forms. She is giving workshops and performing in Egypt and all over the world.

For the first time in NYC, we are lucky and thrilled to have her with us at NYCairo Raks Festival 2017.