Aziza of Cairo

Aziza was born in Alexandria, Egypt, where she started her study and oriental dance career, not long after that she realized she needed to move to Cairo so she can grow as a dancer, and so she did. Aziza continued to study expanding her knowledge and ability, and simultaneously working as a professional Oriental Dancer from 5 star hotels, weddings and high-end parties. She rose quickly to become one of the most sought after dancers in all of Egypt.

Known for her unique style and her exquisite musicality a master in Baladi Style, Aziza makes the dance look easy, connecting her audience with the most sincere feelings, her playful and feminine personality comes through the dance in an authentic and classic style, earthy and joyful. When visiting Egypt go see her perform and you will never regret it.

As a mother she understands the struggles of dancers who have to juggle so many aspects of their lives to keep with what they love to do, especially the dance, empowering women to never give up their dreams but to always find a way and a balance to be the mother to your child and to continue to do what you love. For Aziza the dance is not “ something to do” but it is a way of life.

Aziza of Cairo is touring all over the world teaching and performing, we welcome her for the first time at NYCairo Raks Festival 2018, come study with her and see her take to the stage during our 5th Annual Festival.