Aida Bogomolova

Aida is a world famous oriental dance artist, well known with her own signature dance style. Originally from Russia, currently living in Italy. She began to dance at the age of 6, she had studied many dance styles since childhood, all of which had a great impact on developing her own dance style and made it special and unique.

Aida is well versed the art of performance; she is considered an inspiration to many dancers all over the world. “ Be yourself and stay true to who you are” is her message to many young dancers and students, focusing on true discovery and self-awareness in the dance; Aida will empower you with her knowledge from her experience learning and growing as a dancer.

Aida is performing and teaching worldwide . She's the main guest, teacher and judge of many festivals and sought after by many dance lovers all over he world. We are extremely happy to have her with us this year at NYCairo Raks Festival, A True artist not to be missed!