NYCairo Raks Festival 2018

Brings to you:

Bellydance Runway

NYCairo Fashion Show with a dazzling array of the hottest and latest trends in Oriental costumes today!

Featuring some of the highly acclaimed leading international designers in the industry.

Eman ZAKI - Egypt
Houda ZAKI - Egypt

Hisham Osman - Egypt
Olga Aida - Ukraine
BellyDance America

Meet our designers:

Eman Zaki

Eman Zaki's Golden Lotus Atelier, produces hand crafted bespoke dance costumes for international clientele. As a dancer, coming from a family of dancers - her mother and mentor Samira Zad and her sister Hoda - Eman was often forced to make her own costumes while traveling abroad. This lead to friends ordering costumes from her and a decision that would change her life.
From the humble beginnings of a handmade accessory shop - where she made all the stock herself - Eman traveled to Lebanon where she studied tailoring and embroidery.

On her return to Egypt she began by making eveningwear and then, by popular demand, opened the Golden Lotus Atelier. Having made costumes for such stars of Egyptian dance as Nagwa Fouad, Fifi Abdou, Dina, Randa, and Soraia Zaid, dancers worldwide can now wear one of her creations.
Emans unique touch comes from the combination of her intimate knowledge of the dance combined with her tailoring, accessory and embellishment skills. Eman will be revealing a completely new collection at NYCairo Raks Festival 2015, so stay tuned!

Olga Aida

Aida Style specializes in creating customized dance costumes and accessories made exclusively for an individual customer. We make your dream a reality!

Hoda Zaki

A pioneer in Oriental costume making, hailing from Cairo Egypt, Hoda Zaki is known for her elegant Oriental costumes and stays true with her designs in keeping the Sharki style alive. As former dancer who knows what costumes should look and feel like. Through her career as a costume designer. Hoda has dressed thousands of dancers and is still gracing the stages of the world with her glamorous touch. We are honored to have her for the third year in the row at NYCairo Raks Festival Don’t miss here fashion show Friday evening.

Hisham Osman

Hisham Osman is a Native Egyptian Bellydance costume designer; He is a special stylist for stars of Oriental dancers in Egypt for more than 20 years such as Randa Kamel, Lucy and Fifi Abdou.

Hisham is one of the most known bellydance costumes designers in Egypt and around the world, as he been in the business for over 20 years. Mr. Osman is currently traveling around the world sharing his talent of the latest bellydance costumes designs. Hi is always interested in creating new designs and to show his latest models in his fashion shows at festivals in Egypt and around the world. He is known for his interesting, different and unique style and totally comfortable fit.

Bellydance America

Bellydance America is the first and only brick and mortar Bellydance Store in NYC!  We carry the products and designs of many famous and well respected designers throughout the world, like Jehan, Eman Zaki, Noosa, Queen Hanan, Yasser, Raqia Hassan, Mamdouh Salameh, Hisham Osman, Aida Olga, and many more.
Bellydance America currently design our own costumes and we specialize in making costume made one-of-kind costumes for working dancers and famous entertainers in and outside the Oriental dance world.  in addition we carry props and some of the best Middle Eastern musical instruments, Ouds, Kanouns, drums, and Riqqs (Arabic tambourine). 
Bellydance America, is the only place where you can buy the most famous Riqq on planet earth, out side of his own factory, we are proud to say that we are the house of the legendary KEVORK! 
We also carry Gawharet El Fan drums and frame drums. 

Stop by and enjoy the amazing colors!